Monday, March 16, 2020

Lesson 411 - Mechanics - Punctuation - Apostrophes

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Use the apostrophe in writing contractions. The apostrophe shows that a letter or letters have been omitted. A pronoun and a verb or a verb with the word "not" are the commonest contractions. Examples: you are = you're, do not = don't

Some contractions stand for more than one pair of words. Example: she is or she has = she's

Three contractions are irregular. They are shall not = shan't, will not = won't, and cannot = can't.

Instructions: Write the contractions of the following pairs of words.

1. we are it is you have who is has not

2. I will I am she will she shall I shall

3. I have we shall they are are not did not

4. he is you will you are is not had not

5. was not have not could not we would they will

6. should not does not there is they have you would

7. were not would not that is I had will not

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1. we're it's you've who's hasn't

2. I'll I'm she'll she'll I'll

3. I've we'll they're aren't didn't

4. he's you'll you're isn't hadn't

5. wasn't haven't couldn't we'd they'll

6. shouldn't doesn't there's they've you'd

7. weren't wouldn't that's I'd won't

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