Saturday, June 5, 2021

Quiz for Lessons 206 - 210 - Parts of the Sentence - Verbals

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Instructions: Find the verbals in these sentences.

1. The rolling hills seemed to go on forever.

2. Having grown sleepy, I finally put down my book.

3. The parcel wrapped in brown paper was thought to be a bomb.

4. Hearing the screeching brakes, I rushed to the window.

5. Swimming is not my favorite sport.

6. To accept defeat well is often hard.

7. To go now would be foolish.

8. Having been invited to attend a party, I hurriedly took a shower.

9. The added figure made the price too high.

10. Is it time to leave yet?

--For answers scroll down.


1. rolling / to go

2. having grown

3. wrapped / to be

4. hearing / screeching

5. swimming

6. to accept

7. to go

8. having been invited / to attend

9. added

10. to leave

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