Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Lesson 98 - Parts of the Sentence - Subject/Verb

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Sometimes a sentence can have two or more verbs called a compound verb. A compound verb is joined by either a co-ordinate conjunction or a correlative conjunction. Example: The bell rang and rang.

Instructions: Find the subject, verb/verbs, and conjunctions in these sentences.

1. Carl listened carefully but heard nothing.

2. The car raced down the road and hit a tree.

3. The audience stood and cheered the performance.

4. The men caught, cooked, and ate the fish.

5. Sue either has done the job or will do it now.

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1. Carl - subject; listened, heard - verbs; but - conjunction

2. car - subject; raced, hit - verbs; and - conjunction

3. audience - subject; stood, cheered - verbs; and - conjunction

4. men - subject; caught, cooked, ate - verbs; and - conjunction

5. Sue - subject; has done, will do - verbs; either, or - conjunction

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