Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lesson 309 - Mechanics - Capitalization

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Capitalize names of countries, nationalities, races, languages, and adjectives derived from them. Examples: Germany, Swedes, Indians, French, English countryside

Instructions: Capitalize each word that needs a capital letter.

1. The germans destroyed some of the english landscape during the war.

2. The french wines are famous in the united states and mexico.

3. Most blacks in the United States prefer the term african-american, and many orientals prefer to be called asian.

4. many japanese customs are strange to us.

5. The finns and the russians live across the sea from each other.

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1. Germans/English

2. French/United States/ Mexico

3. Blacks/African-Americans/Orientals/Asian

4. Many/Japanese

5. Finns/Russians

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