Thursday, May 6, 2021

Lesson 189 - Parts of the Sentence - Review

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Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs (v), subjects (subj), predicate nominatives (pn), direct objects (do), appositives (app), nouns of address (na), adjectives (adj), predicate adjectives (pa), adverbs (adv), prepositions (prep), and objects of the preposition (op) in the following sentences. If there are any adjectives, adverbs, or prepositional phrases then tell what word they modify.

1. A building in ancient Rome was destroyed accidentally by an old buried bomb.

2. The welcomed blue shadows stretched across the road and the park.

3. On a hill in Hawaii stands an old bunker.

4. Bill walked along the ridge of the mountain during the snow storm.

5. This down pillow like a foam one is really soft.

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1. was destroyed = v; building = subj; a = adj modifying building; accidentally = adv modifying was destroyed; in ancient Rome modifying building/by an old buried bomb modifying was destroyed = p ph; in/by = prep; Rome/bomb = op; ancient = adj modifying Rome; an/old/buried = adj modifying bomb

2. stretched = v; shadows = subj; the/welcomed/blue = adj modifying shadows; across the road and the park = p ph modifying stretched; across = prep; road/park = op; the = adj modifying road; the = adj modifying park

3. stands = v; bunker = subj; an/old = adj modifying bunker; on a hill modifying stands/in Hawaii modifying hill = p ph; on/in = prep; hill/Hawaii = op; a = adj modifying hill

4. walked = v; Bill = subj; along the ridge modifying walked/of the mountain modifying ridge/during the snow storm modifying walked = p ph; along/of/during = prep; ridge/mountain/storm = op; the = adj modifying ridge; the = adj modifying mountain; the/snow = adj modifying storm

5. is = v; pillow = subj; soft = pa; this/down = adj modifying pillow; really = adv modifying soft; like a foam one = p ph modifying soft; like = prep; one = op; a/foam = adj modifying one

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