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Quiz for Lessons 116- 120 - Parts of the Sentence - Transitive and Intransitive Verbs and Voice

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Instructions: Tell whether the verbs in the following sentences are transitive active, transitive passive, intransitive linking, or intransitive complete.

1. We started our new lessons today.

2. The game started at noon.

3. Mr. Paul is our math teacher.

4. The dog slept in the sun.

5. The cat chased our dog around the barn.

6. Ann prepared the fruit for the salad.

7. The relish tray was done by the two sisters.

8. The meal is now complete.

9. The man opened the car door for his wife.

10. There were many guests at the party.

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1. started - transitive active (lessons = direct object)

2. started - intransitive complete (no receiver of the action)

3. is - intransitive linking (teacher = predicate nominative)

4. slept - intransitive complete (no receiver of the action)

5. chased - transitive active (dog = direct object)

6. prepared - transitive active (fruit = direct object)

7. was done - transitive passive (tray = receiver of the action and is the subject)

8. is - intransitive linking (complete = predicate adjective)

9. opened - transitive active (door = direct object)

10. were - intransitive complete ( no action or predicate nominative or predicate adjective)

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