Saturday, November 17, 2018

Quiz for Lessons 61-65 - Parts of Speech - Adverbs

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Instructions: Find the adverbs and tell what they modify in the following sentences.

1. After the hike my muscles were extremely tired and very sore.

2. Yesterday I had hardly completed my very hard assignment when I was rudely interrupted.

3. Gradually everyone reached the top of the mountain they had climbed before.

4. Just now he remembered his rather important assignment.

5. Often you go too far with your jokes.

--For answers scroll down.


1. extremely modifies the adjective tired, and very modifies the adjective sore

2. yesterday and hardly modify the verb had completed, very modifies the adjective hard, and rudely modifies the verb was interrupted

3. gradually modifies the verb reached, and before modifies the verb had climbed

4. just modifies the adverb now, now modifies the verb remembered, and rather modifies the adjective important

5. often modifies the verb go, too modifies the adverb far, and far modifies the verb go

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