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Quiz for Lessons 326 - 330 - Mechanics - Capitalization Review

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Instructions: Capitalize each word that needs a capital letter.

1. homer wilson, d.d.s. graduated from the university of utah in salt lake city for his b.s.

2. "i forgot, dad," said sam, "whether i told you about my new boat sea fox."

3. the letter began, "dear mother," and ended with "your loving son."

4. the new brigham young university catalogue doesn't list psychology or greek classes.

5. the john deere company makes several models designed by edward james, jr.

6. was beethoven's ninth symphony played by the n.b.c. symphony orchestra last march?

7. the president of the united states chooses his cabinet which the senate must confirm.

8. whether we go at 11:50 a.m. or 12:05 p.m. to the bay of biscay in a.d. 2000 is fine.

9. the magazine ebony and the book who shook the tree are being read by e. h. monroe.

10. have mother and dad both sailed on the queen mary for barbados?

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1. Homer Wilson / D.D.S. / University of Utah / Salt Lake City / B.S.

2. I / Dad / Sam / I / Sea Fox

3. The / Dear Mother / Your loving son

4. The / Brigham Young University / Greek

5. The / John Deere Company / Edward James, Jr.

6. Was / Beethoven's / Ninth Symphony / N.B.C. Symphony Orchestra/March

7. The / President of the United States / Cabinet / Senate

8. Whether / A.M. / P.M. / Bay of Biscay / A.D.

9. The / Ebony / Who Shook the Tree / E. H. Monroe

10. Have / Mother / Dad / Queen Mary / Barbados

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