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Quiz for Lessons 281 - 285 - Parts of the Sentence - Clauses Review

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Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs (v), subjects (subj), predicate nominatives (pn), direct objects (do), appositives (app), nouns of address (na), adjectives (adj), predicate adjectives (pa), adverbs (adv), prepositions (prep), objects of the preposition (op), prepositional phrases (p ph), indirect objects (io), objective complements (oc), conjunctions (c), relative pronouns (p), and verbals in the following sentences.
If the word is a verbal, tell whether it is a gerund, participle, noun infinitive, adjective infinitive, or adverb infinitive.  If there are any adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, verbals, or verbal phrases then tell what word they modify.

If the sentence has a dependent clause, tell whether it is a noun clause, adverb clause, or adjective clause. If it is an adjective or adverb clause, tell which word it modifies, and if it is a noun clause tell how they are used.

1. We offered whoever caused the accident a chance to confess.

2. The man whose leg was amputated was glad to be alive.

3. The judge is the person to whom you should talk.

4. When the mayor explained his plan, the citizens were pleased.

5. It is unfortunate that you do not agree.

6. The news that thousands had been killed was correct.

7. This house is where your grandmother lived.

8. Why you don't like him is hard to understand.

9. If you are unable to find it, call me at home.

10. The manager said that everyone would get a raise.

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1. offered - v; we - subj; chance - do; a - adj modifying chance; to confess - vbl (adj infinitive) used as object complement; whoever caused the accident - noun clause used as an indirect object; caused - v; whoever - subj (introductory word); accident - do; the - adj modifying accident

2. was - v; man - subj; the - adj modifying man; glad - pa modifying man; to be alive - adverb infinitive phrase modifying glad; to be - vbl (adverb infinitive); alive - pa modifying to be; whose leg was amputated - adjective clause modifying man; was amputated - v; leg - subj; whose - adj modifying leg

3. is - v; judge - subj; person - pn; the - adj modifying judge; the - adj modifying person; to whom you should talk - adj p ph modifying person; to - prep; whom you should talk - noun clause used as the object of the preposition, should talk - v; you - subj; whom - do (introductory word)

4. were pleased - v; citizens - subj; the - adj modifying citizens; when the mayor explained his plan - adverb clause modifying were pleased; explained - v; mayor - subj; plan - do; the - adj modifying
mayor; his - adj modifying plan; when - c (introductory word)

5. is - v; it - subj; unfortunate - pa modifying it; that you do not agree - adverb clause modifying unfortunate; do agree - v; you - subj; not - adv modifying do agree; that - c (introductory word)

6. was - v; news - subj; correct - pa modifying news; the - adj modifying news; that thousands had been killed - noun clause used as an appositive; had been killed - v; thousands - subj; that - p (introductory word, does not fit grammatically)

7. is - v; house - subj; this - adj modifying house; where your grandmother lived - noun clause used as a predicate nominative; lived - v; grandmother - subj; your - adj modifying grandmother; where - adv (introductory word)

8. is - v; why you don't like him - noun clause used as the subject; do like - v; you - subj; him - do; n't - adv modifying do like; why - adv (introductory word) modifying do like; hard - pa modifying the noun clause; to understand - vbl (adverb infinitive) modifying hard

9. call - v; (understood you) - subj; me - do; at home - adverb p ph modifying call; at - prep; home - op; if you are unable to find it - adverb clause modifying call; are - v; you - subj; unable - pa modifying you; to find it - adverb infinitive phrase; to find - vbl (adverb infinitive) modifying unable; it - do; if - c (introductory word)

10. said - v; manager - subj; the - adj modifying manager; that everyone would get a raise - noun clause used as the direct object; would get - v; everyone - subj; raise - do; a - adj modifying raise; that - p (introductory word, does not fit grammatically)

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