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Quiz for Lessons 216 - 220 - Parts of the Sentence - Verbals - Noun Infinitives

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Instructions: Find the noun infinitives and noun infinitive phrases in the following sentences and tell if they are used as a subject, a direct object, a predicate nominative, an appositive, or an object of a preposition.

1. To sit in judgment is a difficult task.

2. To waste time in class is foolishness.

3. To party and to sleep in were his only faults.

4. My grandfather wanted only to build a home and raise a family.

5. Barbara hopes to be home soon.

6. His joys were to play soccer and to visit friends.

7. To save money for a rainy day is a good idea.

8. The man's goal was to go to college and to study law.

9. Everyone wants to be rewarded for one's efforts.

10. Our desire is nothing but to live happily.

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1. to sit in judgment = subject

2. to waste time in class = subject

3. to party/to sleep in = subjects

4. to build a home/(to) raise a family = direct objects

5. to be home soon = direct object

6. to play soccer/to visit friends = predicate nominatives

7. to save money for a rainy day = subject

8. to go to college/to study law = predicate nominatives

9. to be rewarded for one's efforts = direct object

10. to live happily = object of the preposition

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