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Quiz for Lessons 171 - 175 - Parts of the Sentence - Review

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Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verb, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, and adverbs in the following sentences.

1. Soon John will be too big and will need far more time.

2. The city council usually runs this city fairly efficiently.

3. Unfortunately all people are not free.

4. The boat owner started the engine up and cast off the lines.

5. Mom, can I go and watch the game?

6. How can you be so slovenly?

7. Yogurt is almost completely nonfattening.

8. Mrs. Carter, that is my cousin David.

9. Art Buchwald, a humorous writer, has a really good column.

10. Did anyone call, Ann?

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1. will be/will need = verbs; John = subject; big = predicate adjective; time = direct object; more = adjective modifying time; far = adverb modifying more; too = adverb modifying big; soon = adverb modifying both verbs

2. runs = verbs; city council = subject; city = direct object; the = adjective modifying subject; this = adjective modifying city; usually/ efficiently = adverbs modifying verb; fairly = adverb modifying efficiently

3. are = verb; people = subject; free = predicate adjective; all = adjective modifying subject; unfortunately/not = adverbs modifying verb

4. started/cast = verbs; owner = subject; engine = direct object to verb started; lines = direct object to verb cast; the/boat = adjectives modifying owner; the = adjective modifying engine; the = adjective modifying lines; up = adverb modifying started; off = adverb modifying cast

5. can go/(can) watch = verbs; I = subject; game = direct object to verb (can) watch; Mom = noun of address; the = adjective modifying game

6. can be = verb; you = subject; slovenly = predicate adjective modifying verb; how = adverb modifying verb; so = adverb modifying slovenly

7. is = verb; yogurt = subject; nonfattening = predicate adjective modifying subject; completely = adverb modifying nonfattening; almost = adverb modifying completely

8. is = verb; that = subject; cousin = predicate nominative; David = appositive; Mrs. Carter = noun of address; my = adjective modifying cousin

9. has = verb; Art Buchwald = subject; column = direct object; writer = appositive; a/humorous = adjectives modifying writer; a/good = adjectives modifying column; really = adverb modifying good

10. did call = verb; anyone = subject; Ann = noun of address

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