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Quiz for Lessons 151 - 155 - Parts of the Sentence - Adjectives

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Instructions: Find all the adjectives in these sentences, tell what they modify, and what they tell.

1. Grandpa's low growl was a quick warning to us.

2. The largest spaceship in the world stood ready for launch.

3. His lost vision was still not clear.

4. Many young people feel uneasy before a crowd.

5. Pink and blue flowers bloomed in the neighbor's garden.

6. Several gray clouds blocked the radiant sunlight.

7. There were no visible signs of activity at the old mill.

8. Five little speckled eggs were seen in the bird's nest.

9. Mother planted those yellow and white irises.

10. Soft, cool breezes blew off the beautiful silver lake.

--For answers scroll down.


1. Grandpa's/whose, low/what kind modify growl, a/which, quick/what kind modify warning

2. the/which, largest/what kind modify spaceship, the/which modifies world

3. his/whose, lost/what kind modify vision, clear/what kind (predicate adjective) modifies vision

4. many/how many, young/what kind modify people, uneasy/what kind (pred. adj.) modifies people, a/which modifies crowd

5. pink/what kind, blue/what kind modify flowers, the/which, neighbor's/whose modify garden

6. several/how many, gray/what kind modify clouds, the/which, radiant/what kind modify sunlight

7. no/how many, visible/what kind modify signs, the/which, old/what kind modify mill

8. five/how many, little/what kind, speckled/what kind modify eggs, the/which, bird's/whose modify nest

9. those/which, yellow/what kind, white/what kind modify irises

10. soft/what kind, cool/what kind modify breezes, the/which, beautiful/what kind, silver/what kind modify lake

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