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Quiz for Lessons 186 - 190 - Parts of the Sentence - Review

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Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verb (v), subjects (subj), predicate nominatives (pn), direct objects (do), appositives (app), nouns of address (na), adjectives (adj), predicate adjectives (pa), adverbs (adv), prepositions (prep), objects of the preposition (op), and prepositional phrases (p ph) in the following sentences.

1. The woman in the green suit is Martha, our favorite neighbor.

2. Oh, Grant, there is no electricity in our house now.

3. The racer ran past in a big hurry.

4. The river past our house winds down into a steep valley.

5. Come in and don't stand outside in the cold.

6. The rookie basketball player was caught off his guard.

7. The mythology stories are well-known and exciting.

8. That old shoe is well-worn and completely worthless.

9. Will you climb up the ladder and through the window and open the door for me?

10. These sentences with more concepts are becoming longer and harder.

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1. is = v; woman = subj; Martha = pn; neighbor = app; the = adj modifying woman; our/favorite = adj modifying neighbor; in a green suit = p ph modifying woman; in = prep; suit = op; a/green = adj modifying suit

2. is = v; electricity = subj; Grant = na; no = adj modifying electricity; now = adv modifying is; in our house = p ph modifying electricity or is; in = prep; house = op; our = adj modifying house; (oh = interjection; there = introductory there)

3. ran = v; racer = subj; the = adj modifying racer; past = adv modifying ran; in a big hurry = p ph modifying ran; in = prep; hurry = op; a/big = adj modifying hurry

4. winds = v; river = subj; the = adj modifying river; down = adv modifying winds; past our house modifying river/into a steep valley modifying winds = p ph; past/into = prep; house/valley = op; our = adj modifying house; a/steep = adj modifying valley

5. come/do stand = v; you (understood) = subj; in = adv modifying come; n't/outside = adv modifying do stand; in the cold = p ph modifying do stand; in = prep; cold = op; the = adj modifying cold

6. was caught = v; player = subj; the/rookie/basketball = adj modifying player; off his guard = p ph modifying was caught; off = prep; guard = op; his = adj modifying guard

7. are = v; stories = subj; well-known/exciting = pa; the/mythology = adj modifying stories

8. is = v; shoe = subj; well-worn/worthless = pa; that/old = adj modifying shoe; completely = adv modifying worthless

9. will climb/ (will) open = v; you = subj; door = do; the = adj modifying door; up the ladder modifying will climb/through the window modifying will climb/for me modifying will open = p ph; up/through/for = prep; ladder/window/me = op; the = adj modifying ladder; the = adj modifying window

10. are becoming = v; sentences = subj; longer/harder = pa; these = adj modifying sentences; with more concepts = p ph modifying sentences; with = prep; concepts = op; more = adj modifying concepts

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