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Quiz for Lessons 161-165 - Parts of the Sentence - Adverbs

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Instructions: Find the adverbs in the following sentences and tell what word they modify.

1. The pancakes are almost ready.

2. The student answered the teacher nervously but clearly.

3. The tour will leave early today.

4. I am still unusually tired by afternoon.

5. The stranded hiker quietly gave up the chance of rescue.

6. Yesterday our fullback fumbled twice in the game.

7. Why couldn't you blow out your candles?

8. My little brother almost always eats the most at dinner.

9. Haven't you ridden your new motor bike yet?

10. Your essay was written very neatly and legibly.

--For answers scroll down.


1. almost modifies the adjective ready

2. nervously/clearly modify the verb answered

3. early/today modify the verb will leave

4. still modifies the verb am, unusually modifies the adjective tired

5. quietly/up modify the verb gave

6. yesterday/twice modify the verb fumbled

7. why/n't/out modify the verb could blow

8. always modifies the verb eats, almost modifies the adverb always

9. n't/yet modify the verb have ridden

10. neatly/legibly modify the verb was written, very modifies the adverb neatly (possibly legibly also)

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