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Quiz for Lessons 21-30 - Parts of Speech - Pronouns

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Instructions: Find each pronoun. Tell if it is personal, relative, demonstrative, indefinite, or interrogative. List the antecedent if there is one. For each personal pronoun tell if it is possessive, intensive, or reflexive.

1. He himself had helped my mother do something.

2. Which is the right room for this?

3. These are mine. Whose are these?

4. This is the book that I would recommend to you.

5. Everyone has talents. Some have many. No one has none.

6. He found himself lost in his dream.

7. I myself heard him blame himself in front of everybody.

8. Neither of them has anyone who will help us.

9. Who would have guessed that that was wrong?

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1. he - personal, himself - personal, intensive, my - personal, possessive. He is the antecedent for himself. (something is a noun)

2. Which - interrogative, this - demonstrative

3. These - demonstrative, mine - personal, possessive, Whose - interrogative, these - demonstrative

4. this - demonstrative, that - relative, I - personal, you - personal

5. everyone, some, many, no one, none - all are indefinite

6. he - personal, himself - personal, reflexive, his - personal. He is the antecedent for himself and his.

7. I - personal, myself - personal, intensive, him - personal, himself - personal, reflexive, everybody - indefinite. I is the antecedent for myself, and him is the antecedent for himself.

8. neither - indefinite, them - personal, anyone - indefinite, who - relative, us - personal

9. who - interrogative, that - relative, that - demonstrative

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