Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lesson 19 - Parts of Speech - Nouns

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Nouns can also be classified in specific ways. Concrete nouns, abstract nouns, and compound nouns are three such ways. Concrete nouns name things that exist physically as sidewalk, bird, toy, hair, and rain. Abstract nouns name ideas, characteristics, or qualities as courage, pride, goodness, and success. Compound nouns are made up of more than one word as dining room, Bill of Rights, Jeff Hansen, and home run.

Instructions: In the following sentences find the nouns and classify them as concrete, abstract, or compound.

1. People like to see a home run hit over the wall.

2. My daughter works for the post office in Salt Lake City.

3. Rhode Island is a success although smaller than Texas.

4. Respect must be earned, but honesty should always be our policy.

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1. People and wall are concrete nouns. Home run is a compound noun.

2. Daughter is a concrete noun, while post office and Salt Lake City are compound nouns.

3. Rhode Island is compound; success is abstract; Texas is concrete.

4. Respect, honesty, and policy abstract nouns.

Compound nouns can also be concrete or abstract.

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