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Quiz for Lessons 336 - 340 - Mechanics - Punctuation - Periods

Use a period after initials used in names. Examples: E. F. Smith, Helen R. Hunsaker, W. James Swift

Use a period after the abbreviations Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., and St. (Saint) before a name and Jr., Sr., and Esq., after a name. Do not use a period with Miss because it is not an abbreviation.

Special abbreviations or initials need a period. Example: C.O.D. (cash on delivery) (Many abbreviations and acronyms, especially government agencies, now do not use periods and the abbreviations may be found written in several forms. Example: miles per hour = mph, m.p.h., Mph, MPH) For our purposes we will use periods with abbreviations to be consistent.

Use a period with abbreviations used with figures showing time. Examples: A.M., P.M., B.C., and A.D.

Use a period to show decimals and dollars and cents. Examples: This costs $6.99. Two and one half is written 2.5.

Instructions: Put the correct punctuation where needed in the following sentences.

1. Mr and Mrs Rodney C Snow were honored at the dinner

2. Ten and three quarters is 1075 in decimals

3. Did you study the period from 100 B C to A D 200 in your history class

4. I have heard of St Francis of Assisi

5. Add together 825 and 175 in decimals which should equal ten.

6. Miss Claire S Queen and Dr A Z King, Jr , will be married at 10:00 A M

7. Dan P Morgan, Esq , and Ms Luella K Larson knew the famous P T Barnum.

8. The trip cost $33650 (three hundred thirty-six dollars and fifty cents) for gasoline alone.

9. I feel sorry for the B S A organization

10. It seems that they take so much from my check for F I C A

--For answers scroll down.


1. Mr. / Mrs. / C. / period at end of sentence

2. 10.75 / period at end of sentence

3. B.C. / A.D. / question mark at end of sentence

4. St. / period or exclamation point at end of sentence

5. 8.25 / 1.75

6. S. / Dr. A. Z. / Jr. / A.M.

7. P. / Esq. / Ms. / K. / P.T.

8. $336.50

9. B.S.A. / exclamation point or period at the end of sentence

10. F.I.C.A.

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