Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lesson 199 - Parts of the Sentence - Objective Complement

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verb (v), subjects (subj), predicate nominatives (pn), direct objects (do), appositives (app), nouns of address (na), adjectives (adj), predicate adjectives (pa), adverbs (adv), prepositions (prep), objects of the preposition (op), prepositional phrases (p ph), indirect objects (io), and objective complements (oc) in the following sentences.

1. In my English paper yesterday, the teacher found four errors.

2. The children call their two dogs Mutt and Jeff.

3. The rich husband bought his wife a fur coat.

4. After many years of study, Fred became an excellent dentist.

5. The Presidential candidate made the Marriott Hotel his headquarters.

--For answers scroll down.


1. found = v; teacher = subj; errors = do; the = adj modifying teacher; four = adj modifying errors; yesterday = adv modifying found; in my English paper = p ph modifying found; in = prep; paper = op; my/English = adj modifying paper

2. call = v; children = subj; dogs = do; the = adj modifying children; their/two = adj modifying dogs; Mutt/Jeff = oc

3. bought = v; husband = subj; coat = do; wife = io; the/rich = adj modifying husband; his = adj modifying wife; a/fur = adj modifying coat

4. became = v; Fred = subj; dentist = pn; an/excellent = adj modifying dentist; after many years modifying became/of study modifying years = p ph; after/of = prep; years/study = op; many = adj modifying years

5. made = v; candidate = subj; Marriott Hotel = do; headquarters = oc; the/Presidential = adj modifying candidate; the = adj modifying Marriott Hotel; his = adj modifying headquarters

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