Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lesson 193 - Parts of the Sentence - Indirect Objects

An indirect object is really a prepositional phrase in which the preposition to or for is not stated but understood. It tells to whom or for whom something is done. The indirect object always comes between the verb and the direct object. Example: She gave me a gift. The indirect object always modifies the verb. It may have modifiers and be compound. It is used with verbs such as give, tell, send, get, buy, show, build, do, make, save, and read. Example: She sent the man and me a gift.

Instructions: Find the verb, direct object, and indirect object in the following sentences.

1. The new manager offered Jay a higher position.

2. This spring Carl told us his plans for the summer.

3. Many jobs don't pay the employees much money.

4. Mr. Blower read the neighbor children some interesting stories about Australia.

5. Mr. Smith, my broker, sold my parents some stock yesterday.

--For answers scroll down.


1. offered = verb; position = direct object; Jay = indirect object

2. told = verb; plans = direct object; us = indirect object

3. do pay = verb; money = direct object; employees = indirect object

4. read = verb; stories = direct object; children = indirect object

5. sold = verb; stock = direct object; parents = indirect object

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