Saturday, January 14, 2017

Quiz for Lessons 101 - 105 - Parts of the Sentence - Predicate Nominative

Instructions: Find the subjects, verbs, and predicate nominatives in these sentences. Some may have compound subjects, verbs, or predicate nominatives. Some may not have a predicate nominative.

1. My favorite musical instruments are the radio, television, and stereo.

2. Two popular trees are the linden and the honey locust.

3. The winner will be either Jeff or Will.

4. Are those people our neighbors and friends?

5. Baseball and golf are outdoor sports.

6. I will be home tomorrow.

7. Your doctor should be a well-trained individual.

8. Jenny and Emily are close friends.

9. The grand prize was a trip to Hawaii and a cruise to Alaska.

10. Mr. Hatch is a member of congress and a song writer.

--For answers scroll down.


1. instruments = subject, are = verb, radio, television, stereo = predicate nominatives

2. trees = subject, are = verb, linden, honey locust = predicate nominatives

3. winner = subject, will be = verb, Jeff, Will = predicate nominatives

4. people = subject, are = verb, neighbors, friends = predicate nominatives

5. baseball, golf = subjects, are = verb, sports = predicate nominative

6. I = subject, will be = verb

7. doctor = subject, should be = verb, individual = predicate nominative

8. Jenny, Emily = subject, are = verb, friends = predicate nominative

9. prize = subject, was = verb, trip, cruise = predicate nominatives

10. Mr. Hatch = subject, is = verb, member, writer = predicate nominatives

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