Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lesson 43 - Parts of Speech - Adjectives

Use this or that with kind or sort because both are singular; use these or those with kinds or sorts because both are plural. Examples: this or that kind of stocks, these or those kinds of stocks, this or that sort of people, these or those sorts of people

Instructions: Choose the correct word (this, that, these, those) for each of the blanks in these sentences.

1. _____ sort of computer is much better.

2. Paul bought ____ kind of car.

3. I like ____ sorts of cars better.

4. ____ kinds of problems are hard.

5. What did ____ sorts of shoes cost?

--For answers scroll down.


1. this or that

2. this or that

3. these or those

4. these or those

5. these or those

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